French Drains and Other Joys

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A view of the hall bathroom...

Flower bed and herb garden shots...this is the herb garden, where you can see the little Swedish ground cover at the bottom. Above that is the new arugula, the flowering thyme around the stepping stones, the lush parsley, and, to the left, camomile.

The flower bed is above. I'm sorry the flowers themselves are not very obvious. We've cleaned out some of the weedy-looking calendula, and I'm trying to create more of a perennial bed that will keep its look without continual addition of annuals for color. We just put in some petunia-like perennials that quickly create nice borders. I've also discovered a lot of salvias that take little water and accept some shade.
The new stepping stones look a little bare now, but we've planted creeping thyme around them, which should eventually make a nice green carpet. Flowering thyme is the best stuff!

Now for the office, where the look now is more spacious...

Here's a close-up of the arrangement I planted the rudbeckia towards the rear part of the flower bed in a bare spot.

Next room: the entry way.
If you look carefully, you can see the wonderful rudbeckia blossoms in the arrangement, although it may be too dark.
Here you can also see the mirror hung directly opposite the door.

I took a few pictures around the house today--in its pristine condition-- to share with you.
Starting in the dining room...I'm keeping the table set, to create the aura of expected company.
I thought the light blue cloth contrasted nicely with the brown tile, and brought out the blue tones in it.
The basket over on the cart holds some decorative fruit to suggest a harvest theme.