French Drains and Other Joys

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where Water is Collecting

Now that we see more water seeping into the crawl space, and begin considering where it might be coming from, I have laid out some plastic to catch this storm's rain. From the photos I'm including here, you can ponder what the implications and possible solutions might be.

The first two pictures should show the back yard, looking from the patio north, and then from the northwest corner back to the patio. You can see the water collected on the plastic after a few hours of rather light rain. Note, too, that the gravel area slopes towards the house now. The trench is in the middle of the gravel area, just outside the black-plastic-covered area.

Or, at least, I hope you'll be able to see it. I'm having trouble loading the pictures.
On the end of the house, the pictures should show how much the driveway slopes towards the center. I guess that's good, although the French drain isn't very deep there. That may not be a factor.

In front, you'll see that there is virtually no water accumulating looking towards the garage from the front door. In the other direction, there's a little water on the plastic. That could be seeping through the cracks and the spaces between the bricks. The slope there is non-existent.

These next pictures should be the ones of the front walk, both sides of porch.
By the way, I think Martin's plastic idea sounds good. We could incorporate that with getting the area regraded a bit, and more gravel added.