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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday. I see that I called Monday the 7th, which it wasn't. I hope that won't confuse anyone.

Today they have dug the trench in the gravel area, begun the breach of the railroad tie area, and are now filling this section of trench with gravel. The pipes are in.
David called to ask about the composition of the soil--whether we'd gotten below the clay layer into either sand or granite. Unfortunately, we haven't. Carl says it's clay all the way down. He's saved a bucketful of the earth to show whoever might be interested.
I've tried to get some pictures showing the trench from close up, so you can see how this is progressing. I still have my cold, so I'm staying close to home. Kitty is very irritated about all the very large, noisy creatures in the yard and refuses to go near the door.
We'll see how the layout is on the next group of pictures. I was a little unhappy with yesterday's, since the text was not with the pictures it described. I'd have to go in and work on the html to change it, and right now I'm not in the mood for heavy-duty html, so I hope this will work okay.
These pictures should give you an idea of the early morning work.


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