French Drains and Other Joys

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Tuesday evening now. I'm actually feeling a little better, and the project is moving along amazingly well. I would say we are two-thirds done at this point, or maybe more. They have already filled in the ditch in the gravel area and recovered it, albeit roughly, with gravel. Part of the ditch you saw them beginning this morning in the grass beyond the railroad ties is now covered back over with grass.
I took a picture looking down into the ditch that still remains uncovered, directly opposite the sliding door in the diningroom. I also show a load of gravel. For you older guys who may think this is not enough technical detail for you, please realize that I hope to have Gina show these pictures to Finley, who will appreciate the heavy equipment more than details about soil composition. I'm trying to meet all needs.
The guys had to get into the ditch with their shovels toward the end, because the soil was so wet that the ditch sides kept collapsing on them. As I was taking the picture, they warned me to be careful, since even the patio was getting undercut.
In the last two pictures you can see a little gravel and some water. It rained last night and off and on today, but not copious amounts fell. The soil is very wet.
You can also see in one picture how the ditch curves around toward the front of the house at the north-west corner.
I am quite amazed that these guys are able to cover up so quickly and thoroughly when they are done. They were out cleaning off the street in front (lots of clay-y mud) before they left.


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